Meet The Founder

Dr. Denise M Dukes, PhD

Holistic Life Counselor Founder and Holistic Life Counselor for Center of Love, Light & Peace Church, Inc. and President & Founder of Southeast Artist Collaboration, Inc. Dr. Denise M Dukes, PhD or "The Holistic Body Hacker" as her clients fondly reference her is a native Alabamian who holds several certifications in Holistic Counseling and Life Coaching, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Speech Communication and Theater from Tennessee State University, Graduate Degree Studies in Education from Clarke Atlanta University, a Doctorate of Philosophy in Fitness Science from Charter University and currently is working on another Master's and Doctorate Degree as a Holistic Life Counselor from the University of Sedona.

She was noted as one of the youngest major network show producers and directors and host of an early morning fitness TV show when she was 19 years of age on Viacom Cablevision in Nashville, Tennessee titled "Aerobic Heartbeat" while simultaneously working on her bachelor’s degree in Speech Communications and Theatre at Tennessee State University.

After graduating, she moved to Los Angeles, California where she instantly became a featured dancer on the legendary dance show "Soul Train" while also studying and working in the entertainment industry as a professional model and actress; as well as, a part-time aerobics instructor working for Jack LaLanne at one of his Fitness Center’s in the heart of Los Angeles.

In August of 1987 she was crowned the first Miss Black Alabama, USA. After over 35 years of learning and studying about Holistic Self Care through self-experimentation and learning from other great natural healers such as Dr. Sebi, Dr. Llaila Afrika, Jack LaLanne, Dr. Dick Gregory and many others; she made it a point to obtain her professional certifications in Holistic Health, Wellness & Weight Loss, Herbalism, Fitness Training and Mindful Transformation. In May of 2018, she established Luxury Body Sculpting Health & Wellness Center in Montgomery, Alabama.

When Dr. Dukes is not in the wellness center consulting with clients, you can find her personally consulting with clients through the organizations' Whole Food Nutritional and Youth Wellness Educational Programs or appearing as a guest speaker to various churches and organizations around the world; as well as, sharing holistic educational segments through social media events on Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.

Dr. Dukes has also authored numerous books, youth plays and articles evolving around Holistic Health & Wellness. Some of the books she has written and published are: “Denise Dukes 90-Day Plant-Based Meal Plan”; “Detoxification & Alkalinity: How To Live A Disease Free Lifestyle” and “Slave Food: An African-American Epidemic"