About Us

You Were Created Naturally Organic

Naturally Organic You cares about your health; therefore, we not only research and provide natural products that help your body to heal itself naturally; but we provide a system that is designed to give you the best resources and support as you embark on your transformation to achieve perfect balance in your life, the way nature intended. 


All of our health supplements are made from the purest ingredients that mother nature offers, NO GMO HERE. Our products have no added sugars, fillers, harmful chemicals or heavy metals and because; they are all-natural foods and minerals, they are considered safe and should not interfere with any medications you may be taking currently. 


However, our goal is to get your body healthy enough to where your medical doctor can safely eliminate any prescription drugs from your lifestyle. We are willing to work diligently with your healthcare provider so you can make better lifestyle choices for you and your family. After all you were created naturally organic; therefore, what you put in and, on your body, should be created naturally organic as well.


Our Promise To You

With over 35 years of experience in detoxing and alkalizing the body, 

Dr. Denise M Dukes, PhD  along with a team of holistic practitioners, herbalist and nutritionist have worked side by side with scientists, medical doctors and manufacturers that formulate and source their ingredients from fair trade and nutrient rich lands. All our ingredients are packaged in FDA approved facilities where they are inspected for purity to be free of heavy metals, toxins and fillers. We are so excited to present our vision to you and all our guests. Our caring and committed staff will ensure you will enjoy our products and have a fantastic and successful experience with us for years to come.